They said it: Auburn edition 

November, 11, 2011
As the University of Georgia prepares for its annual game with Auburn University, the stakes are high as usual. The Bulldogs could clinch or completely miss out on the SEC Eastern Division title depending on the outcome of this game and the result of the South Carolina and Florida contest. With all that is on the line one would think the players would be nervous. They aren't. The coaching staff might be a different matter, though.

“Forget all the big-time championship implications; this is the battle of the tight ends. Lutz, we are coming for you so get ready.” – Tight end Aron White speaking about Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen.

“I am putting him back in the hedges again this week. I promise you that. You are going back in there - round two.” – Quarterback Aaron Murray to Aron White, who after catching his first touchdown in Sanford Stadium leaped a xylophone and got stuck in the privet hedges that surround the playing field.
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