Random thoughts from UGA-Mizzou 

September, 9, 2012
ST. LOUIS -- Some scattered thoughts and other notes on Saturday’s Georgia-Missouri game while waiting to catch a flight back to Atlanta:

* Might the Missouri game have been the breakout performance from Marlon Brown that we’ve been waiting four years to see? Most Georgia fans likely recall his four catches for 121 yards and two touchdowns in last season’s Vanderbilt game, but the Bulldogs actually just caught the Commodores out of position twice and hit Brown for touchdowns with the exact same play.

Against Missouri, he was everywhere, finishing with a career-high eight catches for 106 yards and two touchdowns. Yet the first thing he brought up after the game was that he should have had two more catches that he dropped. Brown’s coaches and teammates have raved about his receiving skills for the last two preseasons, only to watch injuries sidetrack him before he ever got going. It looked like more of the same when he missed the Buffalo game with a hamstring strain, following yet another strong preseason, but Saturday’s game provides hope that the results might be different this fall.
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