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Thursday, March 14, 2013
2015 legacy feels comfortable at FSU

By Corey Dowlar

Florida State definitely has a foot in the door with Garrett Williams (Orlando, Fla./First Academy).

The 6-foot-4, 225-pound defensive end is a legacy. His father, Dayne Williams, played fullback for the Seminoles from 1985-88, so he's quite familiar with all things FSU.

It comes as no shock, then, that he feels most comfortable there.

"Florida State is definitely up there, and I think right now, I feel the most comfortable at Florida State. But then again, I haven't seen a lot of other colleges. So right now, I am really looking forward to seeing some other colleges and seeing how those compare to Florida State and where I feel at home."

Akron, Clemson, Kentucky and Virginia have also offered. Obviously, those schools aren't as familiar for a variety of reasons.

But that's what visits are for, and Williams wants to take some soon.

"I visited Clemson last weekend," he said. "I have seen Virginia before. I went up there for a game in the fall. I am going to see Ohio State on March 29. I definitely plan on seeing all the schools."

The Seminoles have an advantage beyond that, too. Assistant coach Rick Trickett, the Florida State coach responsible for the central Florida area, has established a rapport with Williams already.

"Coach Trickett is great," he said. "I enjoy every time he comes down. He is a great guy. I know he is a tough coach. I have heard from some of the players that he is a tough coach, but I feel like you have to be a tough coach, especially in college, to push your kids to their maximum potential. I like that, even though I probably would never be directly coached by him."

Williams excels on offense, too. As a tight end, he's been offered by Clemson. Florida State would take him on either side of the ball and Kentucky and Virginia would like Williams on defense.

And he does have a preference.

"I do care," Williams said. "I think I am more defensive minded, just because I like to hit and that kind of stuff. It is wherever God directs me. Wherever he wants me to play, I'll play. Wherever he wants me to go, I'll go. I am not sure right now. I do feel like right now I am a little better as a defensive end than a tight end, and I think I enjoy it a little bit more, too."

Still only a sophomore in high school, there is a long time before Williams needs to make a decision. He's not in a rush, either. But he does have an idea when he'd like to be done with the process.

"I just want to keep looking," he said. "I hope to commit before my senior season so I don't have to have that stress going through my season."