What are the top 10 college football games from Week 1?


Get your second screens ready because we are officially fewer than 100 days away from one of the greatest opening weekends in the history of college football.

This binge-worthy opening weekend features traditional powerhouses, Texas-sized NFL stadiums, Heisman hopefuls and dream matchups between playoff contenders. It's a byproduct of the newfound emphasis on schedule strength, and as fans, we are reaping the benefits.

Just how great is Week 1?

While we don't always need a number to confirm what our eyes are seeing, ESPN's Analytics Team has measured the pregame matchup quality of every game dating to 2005. Matchup quality is a metric that utilizes ESPN's FPI to rank games (on a 0-100 scale) based on how good each team is and how close the game is expected to be.

The top 10 games in Week 1 are by far the best set of matchups of any opening weekend in the past 12 seasons. Although the TV schedule lines up perfectly with nonstop action for five straight days, what are the top must-see games of this weekend based on the strength of teams involved and competitiveness of the matchups?