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Friday, February 8, 2013
GatorNation: Recruiting mailbag

By Derek Tyson

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Now that signing day is complete, it's time to dive in to the GatorNation recruiting mailbag and answer the questions you want to know. Because of the amount of questions we’ve received, we won’t be able to get to all of them today, but we encourage you to ask your questions on our Insider fan forum, The Chompions Club.

Caleb Brantley
Early playing time for Caleb Brantley next season isn't out of the question.
Scot5013: How many recruits will we take in 2014? I know the number is a moving target at this point, but wanted to ask?

A: And on to 2014 we go! Anything I tell you at this point will likely end up being way off, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Last year at this time, I was told Florida would sign no more than 22 players, and as we all know they ended up signing 30. Florida only has about 12 scholarships available right now, but my guess is that they will still end up signing around 20, maybe in the 17-20 range.

cliffcraig777: Are there any recruits left for 2013 that we may pursue like we did last year?

A: After landing punter Johnny Townsend on Thursday and OL/TE Trevon Young on Friday, it looks like Florida's class is complete. But knowing the Florida coaching staff, I'd say nothing is impossible.

driverag17: What would your expectations be on Trevon Young as a first-year player? Looks like he'll need some time to develop and for coaches to find a place for him. Do you think he will redshirt in 2013 while they find the best fit for him on the team?

A: There is no question in my mind he'll redshirt. He's only played two years of football. I really like this pick-up, though. He's very raw but has a ton of potential. He'll probably start off as a tight end, and Florida will see how he develops physically in the weight room and then see how fast he is able to pick up the offense. He could potentially play tight end, offensive or defensive line.

fsegal527: What do you think happened with James Clark?

A: Clark and his family really liked Florida, but at the end of the day, Florida had five wide receiver commits and two freshman receivers who saw extensive playing time last season. Clark ultimately felt he would have a better opportunity to play early at Ohio State.

mackmclaughlin: I know it's early but 2 questions for next signing day! 1. Is Will Grier as good as his ridiculous numbers suggest? 2. Are there any 2014 kids currently on radar that you know of? Thanks, DT.

A: Our scouts have evaluated Grier, and he has already been invited to the 2014 Under Armour All-America game. That should tell you something. He's 6-foot-3 with good mobility and a strong arm. He camped at Florida over the summer, and the Gators offered on the spot. His numbers might be a little inflated because of the level of competition he faces, but overall he is an excellent quarterback prospect that the Florida staff is thrilled with.

FLAGTR239: At defensive tackle, from the guys we just signed, who will be able to step right in and compete for playing time?

A: I think Caleb Brantley and Jay-nard Bostwick have the size and physical ability to contribute next season, but I think junior college transfers Darious Cummings and Jarran Reed are most likely to find their way into the defensive tackle rotation early. It's not impossible for Brantley and Bostwick to get playing time, I just feel they will need a little while to adjust to the college game. Cummings and Reed are physically ready, and the Gators wouldn't have signed juco players if they didn't feel they could help immediately.