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Monday, November 5, 2012
Film study: Gators vs. Missouri Tigers

By Michael DiRocco

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Here’s an analysis of three key plays in Florida’s 14-7 victory over Georgia on Saturday.

Wildcat TD run

The score: 7-0, Missouri leading early in the third quarter.

The situation: Second-and-6 at the Missouri 36-yard line.

Why it worked: FB Hunter Joyer got the block that sprung Omarius Hines and allowed Hines to score untouched.

The breakdown: The Gators are in the Wildcat, with RB/FB Trey Burton lined up in the shotgun. QB Jeff Driskel is lined up wide right. WR Quinton Dunbar is lined up on the line of scrimmage to Driskel’s left. G Kyle Koehne is lined up at tight end on the right side of the formation. Joyer is lined up off Koehne’s right hip. Hines is lined up wide left at the 40.

Just before the snap, Hines comes in motion across the formation. C Jonotthan Harrison snaps the ball just before Hines reaches LT D.J. Humphries. Burton gives the ball to Hines on the jet sweep, who follows Joyer around the right side of the formation.

Driskel blocks CB Kip Edwards and Dunbar blocks S Kenronte Walker, Joyer throws the key block. LB Andrew Wilson has a bead on Hines, but Joyer squares up on him and drives him toward the UF sideline. That, plus Koehne’s cut block attempt on a linebacker, opens a huge hole. S Braylon Webb makes a diving attempt at the 20 but he can’t touch Hines.

Going forward: With WR Solomon Patton out for the season, someone needs to fill in on the jet sweep. Hines’ success on this play should put him at the top of the list of replacements.

Screen pass TD

VIDEO: Mike Gillislee's 45-yard TD Video

The score: 7-7, early in the fourth quarter.

The situation: Second-and-12 on the Missouri 45-yard line.

Why it worked: Missouri was having success pressuring Driskel. The Gators took advantage of that aggressiveness.

The breakdown: The Gators are lined up in the shotgun, with three receivers to the left side, one receiver to the right, and RB Mike Gillislee lined up to Driskel’s right.

At the snap, Harrison takes a step back to pass block but is uncovered and releases to the right side of the field. RG Jon Halapio blocks DT Sheldon Richardson for a moment, and then releases Richardson and heads into the right flat. Gillislee slides through the line and follows Halapio. Driskel backpedals and lofts a soft pass to Gillislee just before getting hit by Richardson. Gillislee catches the ball at the Missouri 47. Halapio tries to block CB E.J. Gaines near the sideline but Gaines over-runs the play. Hines, who had lined up wide right, blocks LB Zaviar Gooden. That gives Gillislee a lane and he surges downfield.

The only defender with a chance to get him is Webb, but Harrison gets in his way at the 30 and manages to get his hands on him enough to keep Webb from making a run at Gillislee.

Going forward: UF is having trouble making plays in the passing game. Teams are getting a lot of pressure on Driskel. The best way to slow down an aggressive pass rush is with screen passes. Gillislee is an underutilized receiver. This should be a bigger part of the offense.


VIDEO: Jelani Jenkins sacks James Franklin Video

The score: 14-7, Florida leading early in the fourth quarter.

The situation: Second-and-10 at the Florida 24-yard line.

Why it worked: LB Jelani Jenkins got a free run at Missouri QB James Franklin, who didn’t see Jenkins in time to get the pass off.

The breakdown: The Tigers are in a spread formation: empty backfield, five receivers, Franklin in the shotgun. The Gators have four down linemen. Jenkins originally lines up to cover the slot receiver, but walks down to the line of scrimmage just to the outside of left DE Jonathan Bullard.

At the snap, RT Anthony Gatti takes on Bullard, which leaves Jenkins free to get to Franklin.

Franklin takes the snap at the 30, takes a step back, then pump fakes with his shoulders -- and then notices Jenkins heading straight for him. He tries to get away but Jenkins grabs him at the 35 and spins him around as he tries to tackle him.

As he’s being spun, Franklin flings the ball into the Missouri sideline. There isn’t a receiver close and Franklin is penalized for intentional grounding for the second time in the game.

Going forward: Jenkins’ thumb has healed enough that he doesn’t need a huge cast. That gives him so much more freedom with his hands. He’s a good pass-rusher and should get more chances to do that now that he’s more healthy.