The SEC's top producers in NFL draft

April, 30, 2012
Over the past 10 years, Georgia has produced 57 total NFL draft picks, which leads the SEC.

But over the past five years, LSU leads the way with 30 total draft picks.

And over the past two years, Alabama and LSU are tied for the lead with 12 draft picks. In fact, Alabama has produced six first-rounders over the last two years.

Here's a look at the total number of draft picks produced by SEC teams over the past 10 years, and we've included Missouri and Texas A&M:

Georgia: 57
LSU: 56
Florida: 54
Tennessee: 48
Alabama: 41
Auburn: 35
South Carolina: 30
Arkansas: 26
Ole Miss: 21
Texas A&M: 21
Missouri: 20
Kentucky: 14
Mississippi State: 14
Vanderbilt: 10

Now, here's a rundown over the past five years:

LSU: 30
Florida: 27
Georgia: 25
Alabama: 19
Auburn: 19
Tennessee: 18
Arkansas: 15
South Carolina: 14
Missouri: 13
Ole Miss: 11
Kentucky: 9
Texas A&M: 9
Mississippi State: 7
Vanderbilt: 6

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