Alabama spent $2.56 million on CFB Playoff semifinal


Making the College Football Playoff can result in a nice payday for conferences and the schools that make it there, but it also costs plenty to make the trip.

CBSSports.com obtained the expense reports for the four schools who made it to the first College Football Playoff -- Ohio State, Oregon, Alabama and Florida State -- and records showed just how much it cost for each school to travel to their semifinal games (and in Oregon and Ohio State's case, the championship game).

National champion Ohio State spent $4.4 million and Oregon $3.8 million, but it was the SEC representative, Alabama, that spent the most for a single game: The Crimson Tide spent $2.56 million on its trip to the semifinals in New Orleans.

Those costs included travel for a party of 908 people -- the largest traveling party of the four participating teams by 197 people -- for a seven-day trip. Alabama also had the most absorbed tickets (2,134 unsold that equated at a $388,600 hit) and their meal and lodging costs for team and staff totaled almost $1 million and more than doubled Ohio State's total in that category.