New LSU coach to face recruiting challenge 

April, 13, 2012
Andre StringerZumapress/Icon SMILSU guard Andre Stringer (10) will be on the 2012-13 roster and will add experience.

By now, it's clear what challenges the new LSU men's basketball coach will face when he gets the job.

On the plus side, he will likely be paid well, with the potential for more if he's successful, thanks to LSU's ample athletic budget. He will have a new, state-of-the-art practice facility, which is a huge plus these days in recruiting.

On the down side, the program has had extreme peaks and valleys unlike any of its SEC rivals. In recent years, LSU has had moments of being SEC-champion good, and even Final-Four good. But it has had more moments of last-place bad. And, as a result of the many valleys vs. few peaks, fan interest has deteriorated.