Buyer's guide to free agency: Western Conference

Milan Lucic is headed to market, and one certain Western Conference team makes a lot of sense as his next NHL home. Juan Ocampo/Getty Images

As we approach the official beginning of NHL free agency on July 1, teams are assessing their strengths and weaknesses along with how much cap space they will have available to spend. At the same time, free agents are looking to cash in.

This year's crop offers only a few star-caliber players, but it does include the biggest free agent to ever hit the market in Steven Stamkos. Aside from the "big fish," there are a number of role players who will garner a great deal of interest. There is also a group of players who are probably not the best pickups in terms of value.

The Western Conference is filled with teams who are already well stocked. The number of big buyers may be fewer than in the East, but there will be plenty of "Moneypuck" pickups of role players who can make the difference between a deep run and a first-round playoff ouster.

Here is a look at every team's biggest need heading into July 1, along with their current cap space (prior to signing restricted free agents).