Two small-market clubs going all-in 

January, 24, 2014
David Price, Chase HeadleyGetty ImagesThe Rays and Padres hope that holding on to Price and Headley, respectively, will pay off.
When the New York Yankees really go for it, when they unleash their financial might in an effort to protect their brand and win a championship, that means firing almost a half-billion dollars at the best and most expensive players.

Two other teams have unleashed the full fury of their resources this winter, although you might've missed it. The Tampa Bay Rays and San Diego Padres have pulled out all stops, and if you're trying to imagine what that looks like, well, just think of drag-racing Mini Coopers.

That is not said to demean either franchise. Actually, it's noted with great admiration. This is a baseball version of "The Charge of the Light Brigade," and the Padres and Rays should be respected for it, for doing all that they can to compete against the moneyed monsters within their respective divisions.