A window into La Russa's thinking 

October, 26, 2011

ST. LOUIS -- The tale of the Cardinals' phone fiasco in Game 5 is now so fraught with seeming inconsistencies and illogical threads of thought that nothing Tony La Russa says, going forward, will ever satisfy 100 percent of the fans and media. There will always be questions that will be unanswered, or unanswerable, such as: How did bullpen coach Derek Lilliquist hear Lance Lynn's name when La Russa says he said "Motte"?

What happened in Game 5 will be the baseball version of the grassy knoll and the magic bullet, all wrapped into a half-inning. But La Russa walked into the interview room and waded patiently through questions Tuesday, answering them evenly and not defensively. His words will forever be parsed and cross-examined in an effort to get to a truth that is now unreachable. Here is a link to the complete transcript of La Russa's press briefing, for those who are the sort to find all the pages of the Warren Commission's report fascinating (like me).