The market for Carlos Beltran 

December, 21, 2011

Carlos BeltranAndy Lyons/Getty ImagesCarlos Beltran is expected to make his decision soon.
The Carlos Beltran trade didn't work out for the Giants, who surrendered their top pitching prospect for the veteran switch-hitter only to see him get hurt early in his tenure with the team. San Francisco was basically out of contention the last couple of months.

But in the 44 games in which Giants manager Bruce Bochy penciled Beltran's name into the lineup, he liked what he saw -- a lot. "What you heard before we got him is that he'd give you good at-bats, and that's exactly what he did," Bochy said Tuesday. "He did all that we could've asked him for. He can hit, and from both sides of the plate. He's got such great balance, and he's a smart hitter."