What Dodgers' interest in Lee means 

June, 30, 2012

That the Dodgers have targeted Carlos Lee to plug a hole in their lineup -- and one official assesses the odds of a deal happening at 50-50 -- tells you a couple of things:

1. The Dodgers are desperate to get help for their lineup -- any help. Because it's not a sure thing that Lee will help, given the fact that his OPS is about 160 points higher at home in Houston than on the road, and given that his history hitting in Dodger Stadium is somewhat mediocre. Lee is 36 years old, he's a defensive liability, and yet he represents an upgrade over the lineup that Don Mattingly has been forced to play because of injuries. Jose Bautista has as many home runs in June (14) as the combined season total for the eight position players who started for L.A. on Friday.