The AL MVP debate, from the inside 

September, 29, 2012

Miguel Cabrera/Mike TroutGetty ImagesWhile players and managers prefer Miguel Cabrera for MVP, front-office types endorse Mike Trout.
CHICAGO -- I haven't kept notes each time I've talked with players, managers and front-office types in the past month about the American League Most Valuable Player vote, and I can't tell you exactly how many have addressed the question of whom they would pick, Miguel Cabrera or Mike Trout. Probably about 50.

But the conversations have been so strikingly similar that I can say, for sure, that all but a very small handful of uniformed personnel -- by small handful, I mean two -- have told me they would pick Cabrera. And all but a very small handful of front-office types -- as in, one -- have told me they would pick Trout.

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