Teams best positioned for October run 

October, 3, 2012

Bryce HarperHoward Smith/US PRESSWIREBryce Harper couldn't have picked a better time to get hot for the Nationals.
When Major League Baseball put its new set of playoff rules in place, nobody knew exactly how the changes would shape the decisions of managers and general managers and players. Nobody knew for sure if some unforeseen circumstance might emerge, altering the way games are played in a manner that nobody anticipated.

In the end, however, the new system has played out exactly the way commissioner Bud Selig and the players' association had hoped: Teams have placed a high value on winning their divisions, on driving through to the end of the schedule -- to get into the playoffs, and to avoid the one-game wild-card pitfall.

This is why you saw Yankees manager Joe Girardi ask closer Rafael Soriano for two innings Tuesday night, at a time when his team is already assured of a playoff berth, and why the Yankees reacted so joyously after Raul Ibanez won the game for them.

This is why the Athletics will have all hands on deck today, as they try to complete one of the greatest charges to a division title in recent memory; the Athletics and Rangers are tied after Travis Blackley's extraordinary effort on Tuesday. These homer-happy Athletics have been a free-swinging lot down the stretch, writes John Shea.

A lot of the teams involved will have to make plans on the fly, particularly in the AL, where the only seed that's locked in is Detroit at No. 3.

Let's look at how all 10 playoff teams are currently set up:

Washington Nationals

Rotation: Gio Gonzalez is set up to pitch Game 1 of the postseason, fully rested, followed by Jordan Zimmermann. Davey Johnson won't lay out his Game 3 and 4 starters until he knows who the Nationals are facing.

Injury issues: After dealing with major injuries almost all season, Washington is about as healthy as it has been all year, with Jayson Werth and Ian Desmond back in the lineup.

Hot/cold: Bryce Harper has been a wrecking ball at the plate of late, hitting .462 with three homers in the last week. Desmond (4-for-23) and Danny Espinosa (2-for-22) haven't had as much success lately.

Achilles' heel: The bullpen. Tyler Clippard has struggled in the second half, and rival evaluators wonder if Washington has enough consistent power arms to win in the postseason.

Washington closed in on the top NL seed with the victory against the Phillies on Tuesday night.