Trade fits for Jacoby Ellsbury 

December, 5, 2012

Jacoby EllsburyAP Photo/Elise AmendolaMany feel Jacoby Ellsbury could be emerging from a dugout outside of Fenway in 2013.
If the Red Sox had won one more game and made the playoffs in 2011, Jacoby Ellsbury may well have won the AL Most Valuable Player. He has proved he is capable of great work.

But because of circumstances, there would appear to be an extremely limited market for him if the Red Sox decide to trade him for pitching this winter -- and that's an option they're able to seriously explore now that they have signed career center fielder Shane Victorino. Maybe an Ellsbury deal is even likely at this point, which would go a long ways toward explaining why the Sox have maintained contract talks with free agents Cody Ross and Nick Swisher.