Making sense of Price-Hallion incident 

April, 29, 2013

DETROIT -- Peter Woodfork is Major League Baseball's senior vice president of baseball operations, and he was on the podcast talking about what happens when there are incidents involving umpires. After hearing about the eruption between one longtime umpire and a star player in Chicago on Sunday, I imagined Woodfork's phone blowing up.

To review: David Price had his best outing of the season, but his postgame exchange with umpire Tom Hallion blew up Twitter on Sunday night, as Marc Topkin writes.

If you look at the videotape, there was an exchange of words between the two as Price left the mound after the seventh inning, and then Hallion ejected Jeremy Hellickson. After the game, Price spoke first. From Marc's story:

According to Price, he was walking off the field after the seventh inning of what was then a 3-3 game when Hallion -- with no provocation -- "yells at me to throw the ball over the f-ing plate."

Hallion, informed by a pool reporter of Price's accusation, denied adamantly that he used a curse word.

"I'll come right out bluntly and say he's a liar," Hallion said, voice raised. "I'm denying what he said I said, pretty strongly. I'm just telling you, he's lying. It's plain and simple."

And Price responded to that denial by maintaining that Hallion was the one lying, and pointed to the reaction of his teammates -- including the unlikely ejection of normally mild-mannered Jeremy Hellickson -- as proof.

"I don't know what he thinks he heard, you can ask anybody that was sitting in the dugout and they all erupted as they should have when you hear an umpire speak to a player that way," Price said. "Something has to be done about that, and that's why I told you guys (the media).

"That's terrible. If my own dad doesn't speak to me that way, some frickin' umpire's not going to speak to me that way."

Here's more from Marc: