For Stewart and Rox, diagnosis is good 

April, 1, 2010
Ian Stewart, as a hitter, has been like the guy in Algebra class who knew the answers without working through the equations. Stewart got to where he needed to get to, and became one of the top power-hitting prospects in baseball.

Getty ImagesStewart's bat is just one reason the Rockies are loaded in 2010.
But what Stewart has found in recent seasons is that when there's been a problem -- when he's been in a slump -- he hasn't known how to dig himself out. He didn't have the understanding of the mechanical equation so it was always hard to know why and how he had gone wrong. "I didn't know myself as a hitter," Stewart said.

He has gone to great lengths in recent months to fill in that information gap, and this should help him make adjustments pitch to pitch, at-bat to at-bat, game to game. "You kind of become a hitting coach yourself," Stewart said. "If you can kind of self-diagnose throughout the game, you can adjust."