Posada's glove already a question 

April, 5, 2010
Damaso Marte kept his composure after the tiebreaking run was scored in the Yankees-Red Sox season opener. He had meant to throw a fastball low and away, but the pitch got away from him a bit, drifting back high and over the plate. Yankees catcher Jorge Posada reached up, the ball hit him in the thick part of the glove and bounced far enough away for Kevin Youkilis to score Boston's eighth run.

Getty ImagesPassed balls have been a problem for Jorge Posada.
Marte kept a stone face on the mound and in the dugout, as any good teammate would. But it would be interesting to know, behind closed doors, what the reaction was of all the folks in the Yankees' organization, because Posada's ability to handle pitches may well be a growing concern.