The most improbable blast 

May, 21, 2010

Getty ImagesIt took Brooks Conrad 4,000 at bats to get to experience this. Those at bats were in the minors.
Brooks Conrad wanted a brief scouting report on Francisco Cordero as he prepared to pinch hit in the ninth inning Thursday. So as the switch-hitter went back to the dugout to get his left-handed equipment after the Reds changed from left-hander Arthur Rhodes to the right-handed Cordero for Conrad's at-bat, he asked Chipper Jones what to expect.

Jones gave him a little rundown of Cordero's stuff, and gave him a simple suggestion: Make him throw strikes, Chipper said. Conrad was absorbed by all this, in this moment. Bases loaded, the Braves down three runs, after being down by six to start the bottom of the ninth, and Conrad wanted to move the inning along.