Top 10 lineups in MLB history 

January, 24, 2013

Today, we rank the 10 best lineups in history -- and this has nothing to do with defense or pitching or nicknames. It's all about pure offensive dominance.

1. 1931 New York Yankees

The 1927 Yankees have the best nickname in history, Murderers' Row, but it was the '31 team that scored the most runs of the Bronx teams from that era -- 1,067, or almost 100 more runs than the '27 Yankees (975).

Six of the eight guys in the Yankees' everyday lineup batted .300 or better -- and heck, their ace pitcher, Red Ruffing, hit .330. Lou Gehrig had 92 extra-base hits and 184 RBIs, and Babe Ruth reached base with hits or walks 327 times and scored 149 runs. The lowest on-base percentage of those in their everyday lineup was .371.

The '31 Yankees are largely obscured in history because they finished second to the Philadelphia Athletics. But they scored the most runs of any team ever. Here's a list of the highest-scoring teams since 1900, with their run total.

1931 Yankees: 1,067

1936 Yankees: 1,065

1930 Yankees: 1,062

1950 Red Sox: 1,027

1999 Indians: 1,009