Quietly, Detroit is having a great spring 

March, 16, 2013

LAKELAND, Fla. -- The infield drill that the Detroit Tigers worked through on Friday morning was the same drill run in every other camp, right up until the moment, early on, that Victor Martinez whistled for the first time. It's a sound that falls just short, in volume, of an oncoming train.

Martinez's whistle was missing last year after he blew out his knee with a season-ending injury, but now he's back, a little thinner and with maybe even a little more energy after missing the game so much last year. Other players will testify that Martinez is the most invested teammate they've ever had -- "He might even care about the other guys too much," said one former teammate, referring to the fact that Martinez's effort to help others can sometimes take away from his own preparation -- and he was fully invested in the Tigers' routine fielding drill.