Mets' season crumbling as management stands idly by

Mets to be buyers?

The Baseball Tonight crew discusses how the Mets' early-season success has changed expectations and how they'll look to make moves before the MLB trade deadline.

Some of what A.J. Preller did in his first offseason as general manager of the San Diego Padres has turned out OK, and some of it has gone very badly. But the one truth that Preller has reinforced -- something demonstrated repeatedly through the years by Oakland GM Billy Beane -- is that you can always make deals. You can always try something different.

If you have the will, are prepared to take on some risk and have some resources to work with, you can always make trades.

This is why the work of the New York Mets' leadership this summer has been inexplicable. Despite fielding a playoff-worthy pitching staff -- a group of arms that would be feared in October, in the way that the 2003 Marlins were -- there has been nothing done to prop up a lineup drained by the injuries to David Wright and others. Without any run production, the team is slowly collapsing, a disaster playing out over weeks, and the Mets' decision-makers are idly standing by, like firemen watching a burning building with the hoses and axes stowed away on the truck