Mike Trout's latest transformation; other early-season trends

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Some early-season numbers which distract, ever so slightly, from the Kris Bryant pomp and circumstance:

1. Mike Trout: six strikeouts in nine games

When Magic Johnson began his career with the Lakers, he would launch into each offseason with plans to upgrade specific parts of his game. One year you’d hear that he was working on his own version of a hook shot -- the junior, junior, junior sky hook, he called it, after nailing this game-winning shot -- and then another year he worked on his 3-point shooting, which became a part of his game.

It’s not as simple to make those sort of changes in baseball, especially for hitters looking for substantive alterations, because pitchers control so much. But Trout’s gift for the game is so extraordinary that he seemingly drives his evolution in a way few hitters can. After his rookie season, he said