Royals might stand pat at deadline, but winning still their focus

GM Dayton Moore and the Royals aren't likely to pull off any big trades like they did last year. Ed Zurga/Getty Images

In Dayton Moore's first season as general manager of the Royals, in 2006, Kansas City went into the final weekend with the worst record in the majors, in excellent position to land the first pick of the draft the following summer.

The Royals' opponents in those last days of the '06 season were the Detroit Tigers, who were tied for first place in the American League Central. Kansas City pitched its best available pitchers, including Zack Greinke in a Friday night start and fielded its best position players, and the Royals swept the Tigers, preventing Detroit from winning the division while also allowing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who lost their last four games, to fall into the No. 1 pick in the 2007 draft.

That pick turned out to be a talented left-hander named David Price.

That history is instructive in these final days before the trade deadline, as Moore and the others in the Royals' front office determine a course of action for the defending champions.