Mel Kiper 'Grade: A' Mock: Four solid picks for Browns

How will draft shake out if Browns move up for Mariota?

Todd McShay explains how the NFL draft would play out if the Browns packaged their two first-round picks to move up and draft QB Marcus Mariota.

Mel Kiper nails it for the Cleveland Browns in his latest mock draft.

While that thought might make some in Browns headquarters cringe, Kiper’s picks in his latest mock draft shouldn't make anyone cringe.

In this draft, Kiper does not predict what teams will do; he picks based on what he would do if he were running the team. It’s a draft he’d give himself a grade of “A” for doing, so he calls it his “Grade: A Mock Draft.”

Kiper picks the first three rounds in this draft and when it comes to the Browns, he makes a lot of logical and sensible selections.

In order:

Shelton makes perfect sense for the Browns, as we’ve stated already. He’s an athletic wide body who can stop the run and had impressive pass-rush numbers at Washington. Gurley does not play a position of need for the Browns, but the four top receivers are off the board in this mock draft, and Gurley would bring immense talent to the position.

The receiver position has depth in this draft, and Smith is among the more talented players in the second group. It never hurts to draft an Ohio State guy in Cleveland either.

Hundley is an interesting prospect. He’s 6-foot-3 and 224 pounds, but he ran the spread at UCLA so he’ll have an adjustment in the NFL. A third-round adjustment, though, is given more patience than a guy drafted in the first round.

Hundley started 40 games, he can run, he has a strong arm, and he went 19-8 as a starter the past two seasons. He’d be a solid addition to the quarterback group, a guy who could grow into the job over time.

There should be no complaints if the Browns' draft goes the way Kiper says it would in this “Grade: A” process.

Will it?

Last year in his “Grade: A” draft, Kiper had the Browns taking Johnny Manziel -- though he had him going fourth overall. At the 26th spot, Kiper said the Browns should take CB Jason Verrett, who ended up being picked 25th by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kiper got both positions right when making two first-round picks.

If he’s right about Shelton, Gurley, Smith and Hundley, a lot of folks should be pleased.