The state of Raheem Morris' hot seat 

December, 22, 2011

Raheem MorrisEzra Shaw/Getty ImagesRaheem Morris' Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had an extremely disappointing season.
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Q: If Josh McDaniels gets a job this offseason, that'll be three O-coordinators for Sam Bradford in three seasons. Should the Rams go with a spread-it-out guy and go back to Bradford's strengths?

-- Darius (Oregon)

A: What people are forgetting is that McDaniels still has one year left on his Rams contract after this season, Darius. So unless he is hired as a head coach this offseason, which is possible, he's staying in St. Louis. But if he is hired as a head coach somewhere -- Kansas City? Miami? -- then St. Louis would need to go out and hire the most quarterback-friendly offensive coordinator there is, whether that was a spread-it-out coach or someone more conservative. But a lot would depend on who the Rams' head coach would be. So there are so many factors still in play -- does Steve Spagnuolo stay or go, does McDaniels stay or go -- that it's hard to predict exactly how this plays out. My sense today is that McDaniels will be coaching Bradford next season just like he is this season.