Sam Bradford safe in St. Louis? 

December, 29, 2011

Sam BradfordJim O'Connor/US PresswireIf the Rams receive the No. 1 pick, they will have to make a decision on QB Sam Bradford.
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Q: If the St. Louis Rams "win" the first overall pick, should they draft Andrew Luck or trade that pick away and stick with Sam Bradford?

-- Jimmy (Missouri)

A: One of the great questions of the offseason, Jimmy, and one that will be in play every day if the Indianapolis Colts beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and St. Louis loses to the San Francisco 49ers. My early read on it is that St. Louis would wind up trading the No. 1 overall pick for a bounty of picks -- my guess is three first-round picks and two second-round picks, which by the way, also happens to be the exact price the Colts were asking and could have gotten for the John Elway pick in 1983 before Robert Irsay made a deal on his own without his general manager, Ernie Accorsi. So assuming the Rams could get a bounty of picks -- and they can -- then that would be my guess as to the route they'd go. They'd use all those picks to surround Sam Bradford with the type of supporting cast he hasn't had the past two seasons. Guess we'll find out Sunday whether this is the question that will be asked every day until April.