The New England Patriots are vulnerable 

January, 18, 2012

Tom BradyDavid Butler II/US PresswireTom Brady leads the Patriots into the AFC title game on a nine-game winning streak.
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Q: Adam, with Jim Caldwell now out in Indianapolis, how do you see this affecting Peyton Manning's future? Who are some candidates to replace Caldwell?

-- Jorge (Mexico)

A: Don't see it affecting Manning's future there very much, Jorge. There are a couple of issues to remember with Manning. The first is whether he will be healthy enough to play, which right now he's not. The nerves in his neck still haven't regenerated and no one knows when they will -- or if they will. If he's healthy enough to play again, then Manning will meet with Colts owner Jim Irsay to determine what each side wants. None of this is related to whether or not Caldwell was retained, and none of this will pertain to whom Indianapolis chooses as its next coach. As for who it is, typically general managers look for a connection they have from the past. It wouldn't be surprising if the Colts' new coach has worked before at some point with new Colts general manager Ryan Grigson.