Will Chiefs make a QB change soon? 

October, 3, 2012

Matt CasselJoe Robbins/Getty ImagesCalls are coming for a change at QB in Kansas City. Will Matt Cassel stay the starter?
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Q: A lot has been made about Jay Cutler's attitude at the QB position for the Chicago Bears. Does it matter as long as he's getting the job done? Or does he need to set a better example for his team?

-- Darryl (Nebraska)

A: It would be nice if he set a better example, Darryl, but here's the deal: As long as the Bears play the way they did Monday night, and have the same type of winning percentage they do now, Cutler can walk away from whichever coach he wants, whenever he wants. If he's winning, it doesn't matter. Now would the team like his attitude in certain spots to be better? Sure. But that's one of the main reasons he was available in a trade at such a young age. This is Cutler's history, but it doesn't mean he can't win and be successful.

Q: How long do you think the Kansas City Chiefs will stick with Matt Cassel? Is it time to make a change?

-- Dave (Kansas)