Latest NFL coaching rumors 

November, 14, 2012

Andy ReidIcon SMIAndy Reid is one of several coaches who are currently on the hot seat.
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Q: I know Mike Holmgren shot down the rumors of going to Dallas. But do you think there's a chance he coaches somewhere next season? What about Jon Gruden?

-- Jacob (Arizona)

A: Gruden is more likely than Holmgren, Jacob. I'm not going to say Holmgren won't coach next season, but I just don't see it right now. I see him taking time, taking his money from the Cleveland Browns and spending time with his family. Maybe one day he will have the itch to return to coaching, but it's hard to imagine that next season. And then, the longer he's away from the game, the more challenging it might be to return. As for Gruden, he's a coach. He's a great analyst, and I hope he stays doing what he does. But it would be surprising if there weren't teams that didn't try to entice him to return to the sidelines from the TV booth. It puts Gruden in a great spot. He can continue with his great TV job or take one of those 32 head coaching jobs.

Q: If Andy Reid gets fired as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, who are some possible candidates to replace him?

-- Adam (Nevada)