Andy Dalton has been impressive so far 

October, 5, 2011

Andy DaltonAl Bello/Getty ImagesAndy Dalton has led the surprising Cincinnati Bengals to a 2-2 record this season.
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Q: When the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars face off, possible franchise QBs will be facing off as well. Do you think Blaine Gabbert or Andy Dalton has been more impressive so far this year?

-- Brian (Calif.)

A: So far, Brian, it's Dalton. But Dalton also is playing with better wide receivers and has been the starter since Day 1 of training camp, whereas Gabbert was working behind David Garrard and Luke McCown. Gabbert also doesn't have anybody like A.J. Green to throw the ball to. The two will get a look at each other up close now, and Gabbert may pass Dalton one day. But so far, Dalton has impressed more.